Who was Allan Pettersson?

He answered the question himself with his music, in particular in the Barefoot Songs, and also in interviews: “A voice crying in the wilderness that is nearly drowned by the noise of time”, was how he described himself.

      One answer to the question is that Allan Pettersson was one of the most important symphonists in the Nordic countries. Many have born witness to the overwhelming feelings that his symphonies and songs have aroused. His music touches the heart, as does his own life and his indomitable fighting spirit.

      Nowadays there are many people who have grown up since Allan Pettersson died and who are probably not so familiar with his music. Not everyone has had the same opportunity to hear performances; certain benchmark LP recordings are no longer available and have not yet been transferred to CD

Allan Pettersson Society in Sweden






But abroad?

Oddly enough, while Pettersson’s music is rarely performed in his native country, his admirers are on the increase in other countries, particularly in Germany and America where many activities have been organised. We need only mention the major Pettersson festival of 1994, when most of his larger works were performed by symphony orchestras in twenty-seven cities in northern German.





Now there is a society in Sweden

In November 2002 the Allan Pettersson Society was formed in Sweden by a group of enthusiasts (see list of committee members). “The Society is an independent non-profit-making society whose aim is to encourage a greater understanding of Allan Pettersson and his music by promoting performances of his works in Sweden and abroad, by providing information about his life and work and by supporting research.”


Join the Society

We would like to invite you to become a member of the Allan Pettersson Society, because you have already been moved by his music and/or you want to know more about his life and work.

You can become a member by paying the annual subscription fee of 150 SEK to the Allan Pettersson Society:

Bank giro number 5743-7154.

Please write clearly on the paying-in slip:

Allan Pettersson Society Subscription Fee

and your name and address (and e-mail address where applicable).

On receipt of your fee we will send you the most recent number of our members’ magazine. You will also receive ongoing information about meetings and/or performances of Allan Pettersson’s music.

Welcome to the society! Please help us by spreading information about the society to other people who might be interested.


Address of the Society:
Stig Jacobsson  (chairman)


(address coming up) 

Committee members 24.4.2006)

Stig Jacobsson, chairman,   head of planning, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Lars Möllerstedt, vice-chairman, music publisher

Tomas Svendén, treasurer

Nils Larsson, secretary, music director, organist  

Lars Åke Lundberg

Anders Jansson

Cynthia Zetterqvist  


Corresponding members:

Laila Barkefors, musicologist

Marco Feklistoff, general manager, Norrland Opera Company

Fredrik Paulsson, violinist


Deputy members:

Lars Erik Andrenius, Webmaster. Record Library of the Swedish Broadcasting
Resources  Limited

Carl von Essen

Monica Hammar Granberg



The composer Allan Pettersson was born in 1911. He lived all his life in Södermalm in southern Stockholm and he became a spokesman and interpreter for the poor working-class people of that area. He played the viola in the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra but left the orchestra in 1951 to devote all his time to composing. His sixteen symphonies form the backbone of his output. He died on the 20th June, 1980.  


Allan Pettersson Society in Sweden
 now has more than 80 members. Its purpose is to further understanding of Pettersson and his music by promoting performances
in Sweden and abroad, and by supporting research and publicising his life and works.

This  home page has been set up with information about the society and a performance
calendar at http://www.allanpettersson.org  and further information can be obtained from the Chairman, Stig.Jacobsson (stig.jacobsson@allanpettersson.org).

Lars Erik Andrenius