The Worst Financial Disease

The Worst Financial Disease

The most expensive money out there is borrowed money. Why do so many people pay more than a product costs? The answer is simple: because they are impatient. When you don’t have the patience to save first and buy later, you will pay interest because of your impatience.

There is one serious illness for your financial health: ‘thing’. It is a psychological disorder that “whets your appetite” for products and will never leave you satisfied. It’s like a virus that doesn’t stop to the point of leaving you with no savings, no car, no home, and sometimes no family.

Worst of all is that you justify the purchase.

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“Benefactos, but it was 12 months without interest .” This also makes no sense, because there are risks: what if you lose your job in that time? So what was supposed to be free of interest ends up generating burdens for the coming months.

Because of the “cosite”, we end up going broke. The only antidote to combat this terrible disease is contentment. This means being satisfied with what you own: home, car, clothes, etc. Relax. Do not get into debt. There is nothing wrong with buying things and giving yourself from time to time. With money you don’t have and you may have probably heard that the problem with card debt is due to the abusive interest that banks charge, or is owed to many companies because their owners are capitalist parasites who want to take everything the people have. just to snub is to create trouble for yourself.

But buying what you don’t need

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Commit to not spending more than you earn and not shopping out of budget. If you are very “sick” about new toys, make arrangements like “tomorrow I buy” and never spend until you come to terms with your spouse.

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