10 songs to commemorate the birthday of Cape Verdean musician Cesária ‘Barefoot Diva’ Évora

Born on this day in 1941, the famous Cesária Évora is an inspiration to many. The Cape Verdean singer and entertainer dubbed the “Barefoot Diva” for performing without shoes took the world by storm in the 1960s.

Évora started singing at a tender age. As an adult, she sang and performed in bars in her hometown of Mindelo. After years of singing without any form of financial benefit, she was finally spotted by former musician and record producer Jose da Silva who encouraged her to record her music in France.

Cesária Évora is the face of the 2000 escudos note_Photo: Pinterest

Also known as the “Queen of Morna”, she left an indelible legacy before and after her death in 2010. Before her death, she was featured on a Cape Verdean stamp.

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She was posthumously recognized with her face embossed on the new 2,000 escudo banknote. Singer Fantcha has launched a new album in her honor and a tribute documentary featuring most of her songs.

In honor of what would have been his 74and birthday, we remember her in a special Google Doodle.

Here are 10 of his songs you might like:

  1. Cesaria Évora – Mãe Carinhosa

2. Cesaria Évora – Sodade

3. Cesária Évora – Small Country

4. Cesaria Évora – Besame Mucho


5. Cesaria Evora, Angola

6. Cesaria Évora – Velocidade

7. Cesaria Évora – Amor Di Mundo

8. Cesaria Évora – Jardim Prometido

9. Cesaria Évora – Sabine Larga’m

10. Cesaria Evora – Maria Elena

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