300 Songs: One Konal | The star of the day

Somnur Monir Konal never had to look back after “Channel i Shera Kontho”, making her presence felt with her lively and melodious voice in films, singles and albums.

The singer recently received the national award for her performance in “Bhalobashar Manush Tumi”, in director Kazi Hayat’s “Bir”.

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We talk to the songbird about this milestone, her career and more.

What comes to mind when you need to know the price?

I lost my dad to Covid in 2020, and I missed him a lot at that time. I dedicated this success to him, because he always inspired me to follow my passion for music. I shared the news with my mother, she was visibly happy, but a void remained, because we were missing our rock.

However, when we started receiving calls from friends, relatives and loved ones in my village, their joy made everything interesting and our bittersweet moments turned into jubilation.

I would especially like to thank Shakib Khan, because he personally chose me to lend my voice to this beautiful romantic piece.

Like some other National Awards nominations this year, your triumph did not come without controversy. What do you think?

Disagreements or controversies revolve around the lyrics of the song. “Bhalobashar Manush Tumi” did not receive “Best Song”; instead, I received the award in the “Best Singer” category for my vocalization. The two categories are completely different.

I find the argument irrelevant, and therefore, it does not concern me.

Are you looking forward to new movie tracks?

I have already recorded three upcoming reading issues, led by Emon Saha.

We recently finished shooting a music video for a single, composed by Bappa Mazumder. We shot the production in Old Dhaka, and I’m really looking forward to its release.

In addition to that, I have worked with renowned artists like Emon Chowdhury, Mushfik Litu and up-and-coming music directors like Avral Sahir, Akash Mahmud over the past few months and I am thrilled with the release of these songs.

What else are you busy with?

Since my return from the United States in December of last year, I have been busy performing. I had to stop playing last month, but I’ve been back to work at full speed since the first day of March.

Are you looking forward to releasing another solo album soon?

I’m not ready for a full fledged solo album right now.

I feel like my real place is in playback. I’ve been singing for movies since 2009, I’ve voiced over 300 songs since then.

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