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Read about this week’s standout singles from Maggie Rogers, Noah Cyrus and more.

It’s a pop week — that’s for sure — but the songs are all great, offering glimpses of the artists’ upcoming projects. We also feature two NYU artists this week: current kiyu student and former Maggie Rogers. Read on to find out more.

“All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)” by Lauv

Candace Patrick, Writer

Not having enough of love songs, Lauv’s latest album, “All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)”, demonstrates that he now fully embraces them. The track – which will appear on his forthcoming second album – deviates from his previous single ’26’ by ditching melancholy for euphoria as he proudly submits to love. Smooth synths and rhythmic vocals introduce the pop, summery song as an amorous Lauv sings in the chorus, “I’m so in love, I’m so in love / I never wanna end this ride we’re on / I don’t wanna never say goodbye / ‘Cause then all those nights / They’d just be for nothing.In the song’s whimsical music video, the singer floats in the ocean and prances along the shore with his girlfriend with sunsets. colorful suns in the background.An effective contrast to his repertoire of breakup ballads, “All 4 Nothing” allows Lauv to finally let love in.

“That’s Where I Am” by Maggie Rogers

Yas Akdag, music editor

Three years have passed since her debut album “Heard It In A Past Life,” and NYU alum Maggie Rogers is back with her new single “That’s Where I Am.” Here, Rogers steps away from his indie-folk-pop roots, instead infusing the song with a more pop-rock flavor that’s sure to be a treat on his live shows — or on any road trip. , Besides. “I found a reason to wake up / Coffee in my cup / Start a new day”, she sings over voice blows and handclaps before launching into the enormous chorus: “It’s all s ‘arrange at the end / Wherever you go, that’s where I am / Even the rocks turn to sand / Wherever you go, that’s where I am There’s a feeling of maturity in the song which is fresh for Rogers, but we can expect now that she cut her long hair, turned 27 and enrolled in Harvard graduate school to study “the spirituality of public gatherings and the ethics of power in pop culture”. On “This Is Where I Am,” Rogers rings in a new sonic era, stoking anticipation for his next album “Surrender.”

“I Burned LA Down” by Noah Cyrus

Paree Chopra, Editor

Upon releasing his latest single, “I Burned LA Down,” Noah Cyrus announced his highly anticipated debut album “The Hardest Part,” which will be released July 15, teasing a journey of heartbreak and internal struggles. The hauntingly beautiful song begins with layers of Cyrus’ soothing vocals over acoustic guitar. The track then builds with vocal harmonies and sonic flourishes to symbolize a transition from bottled up anxiety to its release in the final chorus. As Cyrus portrays grief in the lyrics – “Oh, I wish I didn’t burn this town down / ‘Cause you didn’t care, no, you didn’t care / Yeah, I burned down LA and you left me there” — there is also a feeling of inner turmoil. In “I Burned LA Down”, Cyrus mixes elements of country, folk and pop, promising an exciting album in the near future.

overthinking by kiyu

Yas Akdag, music editor

Tisch junior kiyu’s latest single “Overthinking” is pure indie-pop-rock bliss. Over simple, upbeat electric guitar and laid-back acoustic drums, kiyu weaves a story about being a little also in the head. “Hoping for someone, tell me it’s okay / Looking for someone, get me out of here / I’m begging, I’m on my knees, I’m begging / Tell me if you can see there’s a way,” he sings softly in the chorus as the vocal harmonies and guitars swell. With tambourine hits, the song’s intimate outro sounds like it could be sung around a campfire. “Overthinking” is a diary entry, confessional vocal note, with stripped-down production that pairs well with the outspoken vocals. “overthinking” establishes kiyu as an artist to watch.

“Block Me Out” by Gracie Abrams

Candace Patrick, Writer

Heartbreaking and self-deprecating, Gracie Abrams grapples with negative internal dialogue and angst on her latest single, “Block me out.” Beginning the powerful ballad with a guitar riff that repeats throughout the track, his breathy voice and simple instrumentation allows its confessional lyricism to take center stage.Now I’m just letting myself down / When there’s no one else around / I thought too hard / Wish I could hang in there,” she sings in the chorus, expressing feelings of sadness. inadequacy and frustration with herself. While sticking to his traditional pop whisper sound, Abrams belts a little more on “Block me out” to channel the song’s strong emotions. Her metaphorical writing depicts what it’s like to be your worst critic as she sings in the second verse, “I think I’m burning alive, but no one sees the fire/ Because when I open my mouth, I feel like I’m stuck in silence. “Block me out” is the singer-songwriter’s first release of 2022, a promising hint towards Abrams’ future music and storytelling.

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