Anne Sullivan Elementary students sing Christmas songs for the mayor and city staff

SIOUX FALLS, SD — Students at a Sioux Falls school are on a mission to spread holiday cheer.

From a song about ice skating to Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Anne Sullivan’s students sing during the Christmas season.

“It’s fun for me because we have a bunch of different dances and moves that we can do with it,” said Yohana Mulugeta, a 4th grader.

This group of 80 4th graders stopped downtown to give the mayor and city employees a taste of the holidays.

“We sing Walking in a Winter Wonderland and Kwanza,” said Grade 4 student Cloe Gateka.

They not only brought their voices, but also props and moves to add to their songs.

“We had our ice skating song and gave the kids some freedom to ice skate,” said music teacher Vicki Frye. “We did the Russian Trepak with scarves, it’s just a really fun movement activity, and then we finished it with Jolly Old St. Nicholas, it’s a fun song that the kids loved and they loved it make actions with their songs.”

And a lot of practice went into this performance.

“I see the kids once every four days, so we practiced and made some adjustments as we went along and all of a sudden, with ice skating, we thought ‘hey, let’s skate ice cream,’ so the kids got feedback on the different things that we did and so it’s a fun process for them,” Frye said.

It’s a fun way to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Christmas carols for city staff are an annual tradition for students.

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