Beijing International Music Festival presents symphonies by famous Chinese composer Guo Wenjing


Beijing Music Festival President Yu Long (left) and Artistic Director Zou Shuang Photo: Courtesy BMF

As part of the 24th Beijing International Music Festival, the China Philharmonic Orchestra will present on Sunday four symphonies created by famous Chinese composter Guo Wenjing.

The concert, A Journey through Lands and Sounds, will open with Riyue Mountain, Passacaglia for Orchestra, which focuses on the history and people of China and combines the rigor and sophistication of the traditional polyphonic genre Passacaglia with the aesthetic traditional Chinese music.

For its 24th edition, the Beijing International Music Festival is themed Masters and Celebrations, under which it will focus on commemorating famous Western and Chinese composers by performing their works and initiating musical dialogues with Western composers.

Yu Long, chairman of the artistic committee of the Beijing Music Festival, told the media, “We must not only commemorate the masters of the West, but also this generation of Chinese composers such as Guo Wenjing, Chen Qigang and Tan Dun. , who added many classics works for the Chinese symphony industry through their creative efforts, which have not only helped advance the Chinese symphony industry, but also allow the world to better understand Chinese music culture. ”

Working together for 18 years, Guo has formed a deep friendship with the Beijing International Music Festival. In 2007, Guo Jiangshan’s musical poem Duojiao premiered at the festival. In 2003, the festival awarded Guo the title of Artist of the Year.

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