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5000 USD loan – payday loan or in installments?

People who are looking for the best loan for them meet with various offers and available amounts. Finally, choosing the right loan comes down to the basic question: payday loan or installment loan? This is especially important when large amounts of liability are involved. They limit the choice both in terms of loan availability and […]

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7 Personal Loan Myths

When it comes to money, everyone has an opinion, doesn’t it? Now if you are talking about personal loan , you may well hear some myth out there. So let’s demystify some things about this topic?   Personal Loan Myths 1. Very high rates How many times have you heard someone say that taking a […]

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The Worst Financial Disease

The most expensive money out there is borrowed money. Why do so many people pay more than a product costs? The answer is simple: because they are impatient. When you don’t have the patience to save first and buy later, you will pay interest because of your impatience. There is one serious illness for your […]

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