Clover the Violinist unveils the Violinverse in partnership with New Specimen and VNM USA

NEW YORK, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VNM UNITED STATES announces the launch of Violinverse, the first violin-inspired metaverse created in collaboration with Clover the Violinist and New Specimen. The Violinverse made its debut at Summit by Silicon Slopes on September 30, 2022 and is now open to the public to explore.

The Violinverse is an exploration of the future of music in the Metaverse, acting both as a digital destination for Metaverse performances and as the first digital violin museum – featuring 13 new violin models and 5 works of art.

“The goal was to forge a new frontier for the violin and take it where no one expected. I have always looked for ways to refresh and redefine this instrument. Collaborating with New Specimen and VNM UNITED STATES Bringing my violin designs to life digitally in the metaverse was a once in a lifetime experience. And then having the chance to perform in the metaverse for the Silicon Slopes crowd felt like the future,” said Clover the fiddler.

Clover the violinist is a dallasNew York-based violinist who blends classical instrumentation with a sharp contemporary edge. She is known for elevating the traditional flavors of the violin by changing the sound that most people expect from the instrument.

“There is so much potential to be a pioneer in Economy of metaverse creators. The Reverse Violin is just our start to building new models for music,” New Specimen said.

new specimen is a multi-hyphenate artist and creative director whose work has been featured on Pantone and Instagram, as well as having a following of over 400,000.

“My favorite part of writing The Metaverse Handbook discovered the photographers, filmmakers, artists and other creatives who were building new foundations and businesses in the metaverse. This is our way of contributing to this innovation and presenting a new avenue for musicians in this emerging digital frontier,” said QuHarrison Terry of VNM. UNITED STATES.

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