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Estonian violinist Hans Christian Aavik, 23, received the top prize at the ten-day, three-round Carl Nielsen International Competition in Odense, Denmark on Sunday. He shared the top prize with Ukrainian violinist Bohdan Luts, 17.

Aavik also received the award for Best Performance of a Piece Commissioned for the Violin Competition for his performance of Jesper Koch’s “Maze” and one of three contestants to win the Odense Symphony Orchestra Prize.

In the competition final, Aavik performed PI Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35 (with musicians from the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider) and C. Nielsen’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 33 (with the Odense Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Daniela Musca).

Recordings of the semi-finals and the final broadcast live can be viewed on the competition homepage here.

Aavik’s semi-final and final performances can be viewed at the links below:

Semi final: Violin Concerto No. 5 in A major by WA Mozart

Last day 1: Violin Concerto in D major by PI Tchaikovsky, Op. 35

Last day 2: Concerto for violin and orchestra by C. Nielsen, op. 33

Hans Christian Aavik began studying violin with Piret Kreek at Tabasalu Music School at the age of 5 and continued his studies under Kaido Välja at Tallinn Music High School.

Since 2017 he has been studying at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts with Erik Schumann and Angelika Merkle, and since 2021 he has also been studying at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien with Julian Rachlin and Evgeny Sinaiski.

With permission from the Estonian Musical Instrument Foundation and the Sapožnin family, Aavik currently plays a Giovanni Paolo Maggini violin (made in Brescia, Italy around 1610) with a Victor Fetique bow (made around 1930 in France).

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