Five Brian Kelley Songs We Know You’ll Love

Brian Kelley is best known for his role as a member of country duo Florida Georgia Line, but his musical career extends far beyond the duo. Ever since they met Tyler Hubbard at Belmont University, their musical careers have skyrocketed due to their individual skills and talent. To celebrate Kelley’s 37th birthday, here are 5 solos by the artist you may not know.

1. “Sunday Service in the Sand”

Kelley’s spirituality is on display in this song released in 2021. Considering he met Hubbard in a worship group, it’s no surprise that his faith has been a big influence in his life, “I Speak to the man upstairs / Gotta tell him how grateful I am This song shows a more loyal side to Kelley, and it does so in a way that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

2. “Sunburned, Barefoot and in Love”

Not only does Kelley write music that makes his listeners want to dance, but his storytelling is exemplary. The song is about undying love when he states, “At that time we decided / Keep it low key, a few people invited / Then December came and you took my name.” It’s sweet, sweet and romantic without relying on big declarations of love to prove its existence.

3. “The American Spirit”

Patriotism is often found in the country music genre, and “American Spirit” is a prime example. He praises those who fought for American freedom and acknowledges the difficulty of such a feat: “My grandfather came back from the war / With a purple heart and a few scars / Many more like him there / I don’t never came home, but they didn’t leave.

4. “Horses on the beach”

“Horses On The Beach” is a metaphor for living life as a free spirit, and the use of horses is both unique and appropriate. This track evokes a kind of “go with the flow” feeling: “Yeah, something about us that can’t be tamed like / Mother Nature and old Mustang / You and I got a little hippy spirit. “This song creates a feeling of invincibility and it’s a welcome emotional experience.

5. “Florida Boy Forever”

Kelley is not only proud of his country, he is also proud of his Florida upbringing. This song perfectly exemplifies the magnetic pull Florida has on him as he sings, “Well I went out and saw the world / Come right back and found my pearl / Sitting in the sand .” His heart will always rest on the shores of Florida.

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