Grammy-nominated artist and American songwriting duo visit Wheeling Park High School

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra is preparing for its opening concert this week, with special guests Even Meier, American composer and Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Cristylez Bacon.

The duo traveled to Wheeling Park High School to speak with music students about their journey from when they sat in their seats until today.

They perform Migrations in Rhythm: A Concerto for Beatbox and Rhyme by Meier, to give students insight into their work and inspire them with their own stories.

“The great thing about collaboration is that we can take two people from different spaces and find common ground to create something so unique.”

Christylez Bacon – Grammy-nominated progressive hip-hop artist

“What we decided the piece was going to do is it was going to tell the story of American music and we’re going to touch on a bunch of different musical styles that we thought were important to the fabric of American music. “

Evan Meier – American Composer

Some examples of these musical styles are West African, Irish, Funk, New Orleans, and Bosa Nova.

They will perform this world premiere at the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra’s opening concert at the Capitol Theater on Thursday, September 29.

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