Grand Junction Colorado’s Least Favorite Christmas Songs

There are so many great Christmas carols to listen to during the holiday season – but there are a few of those holiday hits that just make you want to hit the fast forward button at Christmas.

It’s all Christmas all the time

It’s Christmas music all through Christmas Day on KOOL 107.9, which means anytime you want to listen to some of your favorite Christmas songs, they’ll play on the radio and on the app of the station. Of course, that also means that you are going to hear a few songs that you don’t like too much, and I don’t know a single person who likes all Christmas song they hear. I certainly don’t.

Different shots for different people

Funny, though, how one person absolutely loves a particular song, but another person just can’t stand it and prefers to walk barefoot on bedbugs. that of Mariah Carey All i want for christmas is you is one of those songs. I’ve heard from people who are crazy about it and also people who just can’t take it. Fortunately, most of us have learned to listen to the radio to appreciate the songs we like and ignore or tolerate the ones we don’t.

Which Christmas songs are on Grand Junction’s naughty list?

Recently I asked our listeners to tell us what they think is the worst Christmas song ever. We’ve received some great responses and as expected some of my favorites – and probably some of yours are on the list.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Can you believe this song has been around since 1979? The song was written by Randy Brooks and recorded by husband-and-wife duo Elmo & Patsy, who ironically divorced six years later. Like most Christmas novelties, Grandma got run over by a reindeer has more than its fair share of detractors, but it has become a Christmas classic on radio stations across the country.

Santa has a dirty job

I had never heard the song Santa has a dirty job until Doug mentions it, and I think it’s pretty eye-catching. What if you know Mike Rowe and the TV show Dirty jobs, you should definitely enjoy the song. I’m not sure we have to worry about this becoming a Christmas standard on radio anytime soon, because this year she’s on Grand Junction’s list of Worst Christmas Carols.

I want a hippo for Christmas

You must have known it would be on the list of the worst Christmas carols, but does it really belong? Apparently Lori and Sara think so and that’s why it’s here. I can’t say I like the song, but I certainly don’t hate it. If you hate hippos, maybe seeing the video of 10-year-old Gayla Peevey singing the song at age 10 in 1953 will change your mind about that song.

Oh, Christmas tree / Oh, Tannenbaum

I can’t be sure that’s the song Ronda is talking about, but it’s the one we play on the radio. Of course, it is from “A Charlie Brown Christmas. “Like the poor decrepit Christmas tree in history, it’s not a bad little song, but I understand why it’s on the list. A few minutes to listen to it while watching Snoopy and Charlie Brown is one thing, but sitting down for the whole five minutes, that might be a bit too much For your own safety, I do not recommend using heavy machinery while listening to this song.

Blue christmas

I barely know what to say to Debbie except I’m pretty sure Santa is an Elvis fan. It’s a huge surprise to find this Christmas classic on the bad Christmas carols list. All I can tell Debbie’s family is to make sure there aren’t any ice cream picks lying around when she listens to the radio.


I have one thing to say to Willa on this matter. Thank you. She is so right. Although charming and harmonious, Alleluia is not a Christmas song and I have no idea why it is played on Christmas. And, yes, she’s also right that it’s not even a religious song, and I’m pretty happy to put Alleluia on Grand Junction’s Worst Christmas Carols list.

Jingle Bells (Barbra Streisand)

I love Barbra Streisand’s music as much as anyone, but, yes, as Kate points out, her take on Jingle Bells definitely makes the villain list. It’s a little hard to explain, but once you hear it, you’ll probably understand why it’s on the list. Fortunately, we haven’t started playing it yet.

The Chipmunk song

The Chipmunk song is another novelty song that makes the list of the worst Christmas carols of all time. Here is the problem. Original songs should be played sparingly, and when they aren’t, people get bored of them pretty quickly. Although I am with the crowd that grew up with the Chipmunk albums, I am not a huge fan of listening to Chipmunk music. However, I must admit that the Song Tamia is the one I appreciate every time I hear it. And Justin is right. We to want to hate it, but, yet, we go ahead and sing at the same time.

Baby santa claus

Santa Baby has been around since 1953 and has already been banned due to its controversial lyrics. The song was recorded in 1954 by Eartha Kitt, whom Orson Wells once called “the most exciting woman in the world”. If ever a song was on the bad Christmas carols list, it would be this one, especially the Eartha Kitt version. Ironically, one listener said he preferred his version to those offered by Madonna and Taylor Swift. But, in the end, our listeners are right on this one.

All i want for christmas is you

Like the other songs on Worst Christmas Carols List, it seems like it’s a song you either love or hate. Sandee, Lawanda and Paula all helped put Mariah at the top of the bad Christmas carols list with All i want for christmas is you. It’s a puzzle for me because I really love hearing the song. It’s so joyful, festive, and upbeat – and so many Christmas carols aren’t. Love it or hate it, you can plan to hear this song a few times before Christmas. If you don’t like it, maybe it will grow on you.

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