Here Are Jake Owen’s Songs That Clearly Show Musical Talent Comes Naturally To Him

After listening to Jake Owen’s songs, we’re pretty sure perfection comes easy for the Vero Beach, Florida native. His performances have always been quick and effortless. You can tell that musical talent clearly comes naturally to him.

Naive but determined, Owen launched his music career performing country covers in campus bars for just a few bucks and, often, a free beer. But his sweet baritone was something no one could ignore.

Eventually he got tired of singing other people’s songs, so he started writing his own songs. His songwriting skills were received favorably, further motivating Owen to pursue his dream of becoming a country superstar. As a result, he skipped his remaining college classes and went straight to Music City. And he did exactly what was needed!

Almost two decades since its debut, and it’s still going strong. Owen is now one of the hottest and most powerful voices in country music. Without further ado, here are our favorite Jake Owen hits.

1. Alone with you

From: Blue Jean Barefoot Night (2011)

“Alone With You” is arguably Owen’s most notable song, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He finds Owen showing his vulnerability, confronting a woman who only flirts with him when she’s drinking. It comes with a music video as raunchy as the song.

From: Blue Jean Barefoot Night (2011)

Owen earned his first No. 1 hit thanks to “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” a summertime anthem packed with fun lyrics you can’t help but sing along to.

It was also Owen’s biggest hit to date, certified double platinum and peaking at number 21 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

3. start with me

Excerpt from: Start with me (2006)

Owen showed what a great storyteller he is by recounting different events in “Startin’ with Me.” The song chronicles a man’s life from the time he pawned his father’s guitar to the time he lost his job, fought with his father, and even ended up sleeping with the ” his best friend’s little sister. It’s amazing how Owen delivers the song with total sincerity.

4. Yes Haw

Excerpt from: Start with me (2006)

Released as Owen’s debut single, “Yee Haw” immediately caught the attention of country listeners, quickly peaking at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Owen absolutely showed his potential in this upbeat party anthem as he shines a light on the various happenings at a bar party.

5. Eight-second lap

From: Easy Does It (2009)

There’s plenty of bluster in this 2009 two-way single, which originally appeared on Owen’s debut album and wasn’t released until his second album, Easy Does It. The song became another hit for Owen, peaking at number 11 on the country chart.

6. Something about a woman

Excerpt from: Start with me (2006)

Co-written by Owen, the tender ballad finds him head over heels in love with a woman whom he believes there is nothing else in the world like a woman’s love.

seven. To the beach

From: Golden Days (2013)

Why not love a summer lifestyle jam? Especially when it’s Owen singing a sweet, soothing moment by the sea.

8. Don’t think I can’t love you

From: Easy Does It (2009)

This romantic ballad is sure to strike a chord with Owen as he tells of a man who has little to spoil the people he loves with material things. The singer said he co-wrote the song at a time when he was having the same internal struggle.

9. Anywhere with you

From: Blue Jean Barefoot Night (2011)

“Anywhere with You” is pretty familiar to us because it sings about being happy wherever you are as long as you’re with the special people in your life.

ten. golden days

From: Golden Days (2013)

This rocking song is just full of energy and imaginative lyrics as Owen sings about the classic summer days that can only be enjoyed with ice cold beer, hot dogs on the burner and a descent on a dirt road.

11. Real life

Single version only (2015)

Written by some of Nashville’s biggest names – Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne – “Real Life” made Owen realize just how far reality is from what we usually see on television.

12. The one that got away

From: Blue Jean Barefoot Night (2011)

Anyone who’s ever had their share of summertime adventures will surely relate to this song, “The One That Got Away,” about lost summertime love – something Owen witnessed growing up in his hometown of Vero Beach. , in Florida.

13. American country love song

From: American Love (2016)

This song definitely has the undeniable ingredients of a great country song: adventure, being young and free, and the kind of love you only find in America. It was no surprise when it became the soundtrack to countless country fans.

14. To the Honkytonk

Excerpt from: Greetings from… Jake (2018)

Owen delivers his love letter “Down to the Honky Tonks” all over this catchy song led by a driving drum beat that’s sure to have you clapping and tapping your toes.

15. made for you

Excerpt from: Greetings from… Jake (2018)

Owen performed this poignant ballad at the wedding of fellow country singers Michael Ray and Carly Pearce before it aired on country radio. With its simple lyrics of affection and love, it is absolutely one of the most romantic wedding songs you will ever hear.

A Few Other Jake Owen Songs That Are Truly Fan Favorites

Indeed, Jake Owen has shown country fans that he can produce hits whether the song is upbeat or moody – whatever the subject, be it life, love or any something else. Check out some of his best songs below.

  • Home made
  • I was Jack (you were Diane)
  • Something about a woman
  • What we don’t have
  • Tell me
  • Good company
  • Best thing since Backroads
  • If he won’t love you
  • Places to run
  • Party life

So, what do you think of this list of Jake Owen songs?

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