Holy Island Easter Praise Songs

Picture: BBC

Sean Fletcher follows in the footsteps of saints and pilgrims to celebrate Easter on the holy island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland on BBC1 Songs of Praise next Sunday at 1.15pm.

Sean joins the Northern Cross pilgrims who have traveled to Holy Island every Easter for almost 50 years. With the tide safe, the group sets off barefoot for the final three miles across the sand.

Once on the island, Sean discovers its extraordinary Christian history, which dates back 1,400 years, and discovers the Lindisfarne Gospels – an exquisite work of art and dedication to God produced on Holy Island in the 8th century.

He also reflects on the meaning of Easter with a group from Birmingham city center who come to Holy Island as part of their leadership program.

With hymns and songs to celebrate Easter across the UK.

Featured Music:

1. We have a Gospel to proclaim – St Mary’s, Lindisfarne
2. O Praise the Name – Reaching Derby
3. Come, source of every blessing – Katherine Jenkins
4. O Happy Day (The Greatest Day in History) – Gas Street, Birmingham
5. I, Lord of Sea and Sky – St Mary’s, Lindisfarne
6. Yours in Glory – Winchester Cathedral

Watch live on the BBC player: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006ttc5/broadcasts/upcoming

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