Italian composer Roberto Cacciapaglia releases video for Angel Falls

Italian composer and pianist Roberto Cacciapaglia, who has worked with Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh, has released a video for his latest work, angel falls, which you can watch below. Cacciapaglia also announced that he will be playing his first UK live show at Cadogan Hall in London on November 9.

Cacciapaglia mixes classical tradition with electronic experimentalism, His first album, 1974 Sonanze, was the first quadraphonic album ever released in Italy. His last Experience daysreleased last year, was composed in times of Covid and premiered at the Teatro Bibiena in Mantua (where, at age 13, Mozart made his debut with his father).

The Italian retains strong ties with London. He has worked extensively with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

“Doing research into the powers of sound, I went to visit the houses of the great composers, because I was interested in seeing, in these places where many masterpieces were born, what had remained”, says- he. “In this kind of pilgrimage, I visited London, where Handel had stayed. Jimi Hendrix had lived in the same house, and this seeming coincidence (in a city as big as London) was the inspiration for my composition Handel Hendrix House.”

It is at Townhouse Studios that he records Ann Steel’s Scrapbook this Fork ]has been unequivocally said to have had a major influence on the work of Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and The Human League.

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