Italian-French composer and keyboardist Alex Carpani to release concept album “Microcosm”

Alex Carpani – Microcosm

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Alex Carpani

With members from King Crimson, Soft Machine, Van de Graaf Generator and many more!

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, United States, March 23, 2022 / — Alex Carpani is a French-Italian composer, keyboardist, singer, producer, musicologist and artistic director. His next album “Microcosm” is a concept album about a world in miniature, opposed to the macrocosm. Human beings can be seen as an embodiment of the universe, small-scale models of the universe, with all its variety and contradictions. When you think of the microcosm, imagine your hometown inside a snow globe: the tiny town is a microcosm of the one you live in. It is this place in miniature. All this is represented here by a series of slices of life, lived experiences possible through the 12 songs of the album (11 original songs written by Alex, plus “Starless” by King Crimson, arranged by Alex).

“Microcosm” features guest appearances from David Cross (ex-King Crimson), Theo Travis (Soft Machine, Steven Wilson, David Gilmour), David Jackson (ex Van der Graaf Generator), Jon Davison (Yes), Bruno Farinelli (drums ), Andrea Torresani (bass), Davide Rinaldi and Emiliano Fantuzzi (guitars).

According to Alex, “The concept of the album is philosophical and existential and is about our life, our ‘personal universe’ seen as encapsulating in miniature the characteristics of something much bigger. Musically speaking I wanted to give this idea of ​​a ‘human universe’ with its variety and contradictions, so Microcosm is very different from the 5 albums I released previously and has a richness and variety of instruments and artists on it : 9 musicians involved and as many parts including lead and backing vocals, various saxes, flute, main synths, Mellotron, Hammond organ, piano, drums, bass, guitars, drum loops and electronics. Carlo Gnocchi, an Italian educator and writer, said that “every human being is a unique and autonomous microcosm”.

Alex Carpani graduated in DAMS at the University of Bologna, Italy with a thesis on the music of Nino Rota in Fellini’s films which won the 1st prize of the Fellini Foundation. He graduated from CET, a famous Italian music school, in film music composition and arrangement with internationally acclaimed film music composer Stelvio Cipriani, after winning a European Union scholarship that allowed him to attend school.

He has written and self-produced a large amount of instrumental music for over 15 years in several musical genres, including new age, electronic music, symphonic music, music mixed with poetry, drum ‘n’ bass, electro -jazz, music for
theater performances and documentaries. He won several national and international composition awards during this time.

Since 2007 he has been dedicated to rock, releasing 6 progressive rock albums with Italian and international labels that have had positive feedback from the public and critics, allowing him to collaborate in the studio and on stage with well-known artists of the international rock scene like David Jackson from Van der Graaf Generator, David Cross from King Crimson, Theo Travis (Soft Machine, Steven Wilson), Jon Davison (Yes), Paul Whitehead, early Genesis graphic designer, Aldo Tagliapietra from Le Orme, Bernardo Lanzetti, former singer of the GFP.

He has given around 130 concerts in 20 countries on 3 continents with his band, appearing in the most important clubs and live festivals of the international progressive rock scene. He founded the group Aerostation with Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (former drummer of Ligabue, Clan Destino, CSI) which released in 2018 the first homonymous album with the label Aerostella/Immaginifica, giving concerts in Italy, France, Germany and the Canada and opening for PFM in majors. events as well.

In support of the release of his new album, Alex says, “I really hope I can play this album live because of its predisposition to jamming and interaction and also because it would be great to share the stage with musicians as great as those who played on the album. We’ll see what happens in the next few months. A few videos will follow: the teaser of the album and the lyric video of the single (‘Kiss And Fly’).


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