Monday Music: Songs for making potions


Monday Music: your weekly thematic playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Michelle Young, Editor-in-Chief

October – the month of goblins, ghouls, and ghosts. As a person who read almost exclusively fantasy novels when I was a kid I like to think of this season as something magical rather than scary. For those of you who also enjoy suspense, I have the perfect blend of magic and mystery to quench your thirst for thrills.

Dream»By Bruno Coulais

Image courtesy of Koch Records

From my favorite fall movie, Coraline, this track looks like a long series of nails slowly going through your hair. The slow hum, the children’s choir and percussion toy makes a strange mixture of enchanted and sinister sounds. Songs in a invented language also make this piece even more haunting, giving an atmospheric start to your crisp fall morning.

Kill the clown»By Sóley

Image courtesy of Morr Music

This song begins with slow piano chords that echo over each other. Sóley’s soft voice coos across the room, merging the mindh percussionif we. The voices rise in a magnificent crescendo for a spooky chorus about unfair clowns. Off the album We sink, Sóley’s sound is the perfect backdrop for any old Victorian home.

Magban Alvo»By The Moon and The Spirit of the Night

Image courtesy of Auerbach

Beginning with a fascinating mix of soft vocals and soft strings, “Magban Alvó” quickly turns dramatic with a cacophony of heavy drums. This track captures the feeling of rushing through a barefoot forest – the ground betweenn your toes. The Moon and The Nightspirit fuel all my fairy-tale fantasies with their nymph discography, creating the perfect mystical soundtrack for your otherworldly experiences.

uncertain»By Yuki Kajiura

Image courtesy of Aniplex Inc.

Sparkling and magical, “Incertus” is composed by the iconic Yuki Kajiura, known for her fantastic scores. This piece dances the line between dream and nightmare, creating a haunting song composed of light piano and music box-style percussion. Featuring witches and magical girls, the trail encompasses all tsuper hingesnatural.

Sicilian in G minor, op. 78»By Gabriel Fauré

Image courtesy of Parlophone Records

Composed of piano and violin, this classic piece is elegant and graceful, with a hint of secrecy and obscurity. Like a riddle hidden in an old library, it’s what’s buried underneath that makes the trail alluring. “Sicilian” sounds nice enough – but the minor notes create an underlying sense of sadness that embodies tragedy.

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