Phantom of the Rave: watch legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber’s very first DJ set –

Between the playwriting, the soundtrack, and now the DJ, is there something Andrew Lloyd Webber can’t do?

The world-famous impresario celebrated the return of The Phantom of the Opera in a unique way, playing her first DJ set outside of the Majestic Theater on Broadway.

The legendary 73-year-old composer has shown that he knows how to entertain a crowd in more than one way. Heading to an elevated DJ booth planted outside the Majestic, Webber made his entrance to the sound of heart-wrenching organ chords, drawing the attention of everyone on the street.

The opening track, titled “The Phantom of the Opera (ID Remix)”, perfectly interwoven the spirit of the playwrights’ eponymous work through the song’s voluminous opera vocals. On the production side, the track breaks down into an unexpectedly smooth groove house that few fans of the timeless 1986 musical could have seen coming.

No less than 1,000 people attended the show, reports PIX11, who noted that several attendees were even dressed up as their favorite characters while singing on set. After a successful DJ debut, Webber figured that a tour of Ibiza could be in his immediate future.

Nowadays, The Phantom of the Opera remains the oldest play in Broadway history.

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