Tech-based music education app Trala partners with superstar violinist Joshua Bell

Over the past 3 years, Trala has received over 400,000 downloads, students in 193 countries, and funding from LinkedIn and Duolingo CEOs. The majority of Trala students are adults, many of whom are learning the violin for the first time. When students download Trala, they’re matched with the best violin teacher for their age, skill level, and unique goals. In addition to shaping Trala’s curriculum and student experience, Bell is recording a series of videos that share his advice and inspiration with Trala students.

As a permanent advisor, Bell sets the standard for education in Trala. “For most violinists, Joshua’s mentorship would be an experience you will never forget. As part of our accessibility mission, we want to bring this experience to every student at Trala,” said CEO and co-founder of Trala. Trala. sam walder. “We share Joshua’s expertise and love of music with all violinists, not just conservatory musicians.”

Trala and Bell combine their passions for accessible education to teach this next generation of violinists. “Thanks to Trala, the future of music education is brighter than ever,” says Bell. “I’m thrilled to team up with Trala to help bring the joy of making music to students, young and old, around the world.”

About Trala
Trala’s mission is to make world-class music education accessible to everyone. To join Trala Music School, download the Trala app from Google Play or App store. For more information about Trala, visit

About Joshua Bell
With a career spanning nearly four decades, GRAMMY® Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell is one of the most famous artists of his time and has performed with virtually every major orchestra in the world.

About Park Avenue Artists
From managing award-winning artists to creating virtual instrument software, PAA extends artist management, production and intellectual property beyond their traditional reach.

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