TESLA RHAPSODY a ‘tour de force’ by award-winning pianist and composer Marina Arsenijevic pays homage to Nikola Tesla

Tesla Rhapsody cover page

Marina Arsenijevic pianist and composer

Marina Arsenijevic in New York

Marina Arsenijevic pianist and composer

Published via Amazon and Apple Music by United World Bravo Music

Emmy-nominated composer and pianist Marina Arsenijevic releases Tesla Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra on April 15, 2022 via Amazon and Apple Music.

I wanted to pay homage to Nikola Tesla with the Tesla Rhapsody for solo piano and symphony orchestra combining elements of classical music, folklore, jazz and blues inspired by Rhapsody in Blue.


NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TESLA RHAPSODY, a groundbreaking new “tour de force” composition for piano and orchestra by award-winning pianist and composer MARINA ARSENIJEVIC pays tribute to the famous scientist and l inventor Nikola Tesla

The latest composition and CD for piano and orchestra by PBS TV star and Emmy-nominated composer and pianist MARINA ARSENIJEVIC will be released worldwide on April 15, 2022 by United World Bravo Music exclusively through Amazon and Apple Music. This is the first major composition honoring the life of famous scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.

“If you don’t like being in the dark when the lights go out, there’s one person you have to thank for all the electricity you use. It’s the famous scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla whose inventions are recognized as vital foundations for technological advancements in the 20th and 21st centuries.I wanted to pay homage to my fellow Serbian American with the TESLA RHAPSODY which is scored for solo piano and symphony orchestra combining elements of classical, folk, jazz and blues music.

TESLA RHAPSODY is composed for solo piano and symphony orchestra combining elements of classical, folk, jazz and blues music. It is a multi-layered rhapsodic piano structure with intertwined distinguished melodies from Tesla’s legacy. The overture is inspired by Byzantine chants and church bells reflecting the sounds of Tesla’s childhood. This is complemented by elements of folklore from Tesla’s homeland. Since Tesla lived most of his adult life in New York, TESLA RHAPSODY uses elements of jazz and blues with bitonal and bimodal episodes to reflect his busy and highly productive New York life. The structure of the composition is inspired by “Rhapsody in Blue” by Gershwin. The texture of the piano is distinguished by “hidden” melodies in the inner parts, dense polyphony, broken chords in open positions, and frequent pedaling which contribute to the static or ambivalent feel of the harmony. TESLA RHAPSODY concludes in a heroic crescendo reflecting the impact of Tesla’s genius on the world.

Nikola Tesla’s inventions are recognized as essential to the technological advancements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Albert Einstein acknowledged the importance of Tesla’s work in response to a reporter’s question. When asked what it felt like to be a true genius, Einstein answered without hesitation, “If you really want that question answered, then you have to ask Tesla.”

Nikola Tesla’s legacy lives on through the continued application of his inventions even today. Tesla’s name (symbol T) has been commemorated by the entire scientific community since 1960 as a unit of magnetic field strength in the International System of Units. Today his name has become even more universally known thanks to the incredible success and popularity of the TESLA electric car and the efforts of our modern-day genius, Elon Musk.

MARINA ARSENIJEVIC (arson-nee-vitch) is an internationally award-winning pianist and composer, star of the Emmy-nominated public television show, Marina at West Point: Unity through Diversity, which aired to over 170 million viewers. with more than 550 broadcasts. by PBS stations across the United States. Marina created the program and performed with the 120-member joint West Point Band and West Point Glee Club. The concert was recorded live at West Point’s historic Eisenhower Hall and aired for over a decade until 2020.
Critics have described Marina as a “James Bond” beauty with a powerful technique that delivers an emotional punch like a “Balkan thunderbolt”, while her compositions have been described as “breathtakingly original” and ” unique to the ear but familiar to the soul”. . Marina has performed to rave audiences and received standing ovations at major venues including Carnegie Hall (two separate sold-out appearances), Chicago Symphony Center, Toronto Center for the Arts, Chicago Navy Pier Auditorium and many more across the country. Laura Bush and Cherie Blair (wife of the British Prime Minister) along with 2,000 other guests were dazzled when Marina performed her original arrangement of America the Beautiful at the First Lady’s annual luncheon in Washington DC

Marina’s recordings of Mozart: Marina and the St. Petersburg Soloists and Chopin: Piano Waltzes have become the best-selling classical CDs in Central and Eastern Europe. His album, My Balkan Soul became the best-selling classic crossover CD in 11 European countries. Marina’s CDs have sold over a million copies worldwide. She has been featured on 40 magazine covers and hundreds of TV shows in Europe. She received the Yugoslav “Oscar” for the most popular musical artist in 1996. The following year she received the Yugoslav media award for the most popular media personality.

Marina is the recipient of the 2014 Tesla Science Foundation Future Icon Award following her performance of her original composition Tesla’s Journey at the 2013 unveiling of the Nikola Tesla statue at the century-old Tesla Wardenclyffe Laboratory on Long Island. She is also a recipient of the 2015 Tesla Spirit Music and Performance Award. Marina was selected as a recipient of the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2014. She was honored “for her outstanding achievement and humanitarian efforts in building bridges between diverse cultures and nations through his music”. She is considered a heroic icon in her native Serbia, where she was awarded Serbia’s highest diplomatic honour, the Knighthood of Saint Sava for diplomatic pacifism in May 2018.

Marina is currently composing music for the theater and concert stage commemorating the life of fellow Serbian American, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. His masterpiece for piano and orchestra TESLA RHAPSODY will debut in 2022/2023 with orchestras in the United States and Europe. Marina enjoys a huge following on her social media with over 600,000 Instagram fans, over 7 million views of her videos on YouTube and according to TracMedia, she had over 170 million PBS TV viewers of her concert “Marina at West Point: Unity Through Diversity”. which has been on the air for over ten years.

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