The Best Original Christmas Songs For Texans This Year


You can all keep your “Jingle Bells” and “Please Come Home for Christmas”, because here in Texas we have our own original bad * ss tunes that will immerse us perfectly in the Christmas spirit.

We don’t need Mariah Carey or Michael Bubbles, we have guys named Cody Johnson, Robert Earl Keen, and Casey Donahew; and ladies too. Kacey Musgraves and Sunny Sweeney are more iconic than Rudolph around these pieces.

That’s it. This is what makes Texas / Red Dirt so great. Original Christmas tunes that will evoke that old Christmas spirit for people here in Texas.

From proven Texas / Red Dirt artists to a few adopted acts, here are our Top 10 Original Christmas Songs For Texans This Year.

11. George Strait “Christmas Cookies”

10. Annies Pistol “Vacation Hell”

9. Granger Smith “That Kind of Christmas”

8. Sunny Sweeney “Another Christmas Beer”

7. The Cadillac 3 “Merry Christmas”

6. Kacey Musgraves & Leon Bridges “Presents without a bow”

5. Casey Donahew + Cody Johnson “When Santa Claus Crosses Texas”

4. Kevin Fowler + Ray Benson “Santa Claus got caught by the border patrol”

3. Cody Johnson “Hat made of mistletoe”

2. Corb Lund “Just me and those ponies (for Christmas this year)”

1. Robert Earl Keen “Merry Christmas from the family”

Better. Christmas. Song. Never.

Who have we forgotten, what have we missed? Let us know.

**WARNING** For the record, we love “Jingle Bells”, “Please Come Home for Christmas”, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, Michal Bublé and almost every other Christmas standard.

Merry Christmas, all of you!

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