The composer built music creation robots from Polestar 2 parts


Several attempts have been made to make electric vehicles sound silent, as in most countries iIt is a legal requirement for electric vehicles to emit a low-speed pedestrian warning sound.

To name just a few examples, there’s the soundscape by designer and musician Yuri Suzuki, and the BMW i4 soundtrack, developed by Hans Zimmer.

But transforming the sounds of an EV into an independent musical composition is a first, claimed by Polestar.

The Swedish electric brand has collaborated with engineer and musician Moritz Simon Geist “to create a whole new kind of music”.

Moritz rose to fame in build robots that create music from unlikely sources. And this time the source was the Polestar 2.

How and why it was developed

First, Moritz built robots from parts of the car.

Each robot extracts sounds directly from vehicle components, or from physical noise, such as drumming on the chassis, or the changing electromagnetic field of the system.

The samples were then used to create rhythms that Moritz put together in an original composition, “playing the car like an instrument”.

The name of the composition is The Sound of the Soul (Polestar), and this project is part of Moritz’s overall goal of exploring the relationship between man and machines, as he told Forbes in an interview.

“Finding unplanned ways to use technology helps to better understand how machines work, to unlock secrets and to make them more emotional. And I hope it’s also a little funny, ”he explained.

For Polestar, the project is a means of opening up the automotive industry. “We believe in looking outside the industry and are intrigued by people and companies that go their own way, ”said Polestar Brand and Marketing Manager Ã…sa Borg.

So what does Polestar’s “soul” look like?

To be honest, I haven’t decided yet if I really like him or if I don’t like him at all.

The first time I heard it I felt it was “robotic” for my taste, a little too artificial, but after playing it again I was able to feel a melodic rhythm with the potential to arouse emotions.

One thing I can say for sure, there is something quite new about this.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Since Tuesday, the composition has been available for streaming here.

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