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Hyuna just released their eighth mini-album Nabillerawith 5 new tracks from the star.

Hyuna | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

The title track of the mini album, “Nabillera”, is an upbeat and catchy song with pleasant references to HyunA’s previous singles like “Red”, “Bubble Pop” and even 4 MINUTES“Burning problem”.

| HyunA/YouTube

Fans are loving the new song, declaring it a summer hit that stays true to HyunA’s distinctive artistry.

It’s no shock that the melody is successful, contemplating the inventive minds behind its creation. P-NATIONit is PSYHyuna and DAWN are all credited for creating “Nabillera” along with three other capable musicians.

HyunA’s “Nabillera” tracklist | @pnation.official/Instagram

Daniel Caesar is credited for the lyrics, composition, and association of the melody. He’s a Swedish artist with a formidable list of K-Pop songwriting credits under his belt. Of red velvetthe hit “Red Flavor” by SMS‘LOSER=LOVER’, it seems like the songs he helps create are turning to gold.

Jerk Hansson also participated in the creation of the track and worked on the popular songs “Slow Dance” of A.J. Mitchell (with AvaMax) and Jess Glynne“I will be there.”

Finally, Swedish musician Johanna Soderberg has been credited as a composer and lyricist, and he has a fascinating prior connection to K-Pop.

Johanna Soderberg | @johannasoderberg/Instagram

Johanna Söderberg is part of the Swedish folk duo, First aid kitalongside his sister Klara Soderberg. The two formed their band in 2007 when they were still young and have since released music and toured together as First Aid Kit.

First aid kit Johanna Söderberg (left) and Klara Söderberg (right) | @firstaidkitband/Instagram

For some K-Pop followers, you may know Johanna Söderberg as MoA (also called MoaMelody, or Melody of Angel). MoA was a mysterious K-Pop cover artist on YouTube in the early 2010s who stylishly wrapped K-Pop and J-Pop songs, mostly in English.

The MoA has coated quite a few second-generation K-Pop artists resembling CARA, 2NE1, BIG BANG, girls generationHyunA’s former group 4MINUTE, and even HyunA’s solo track “Change”.

MoA gained a tremendous fan base at the time and continued to release covers until 2011, when she entered an official song cover contest for 2NE1’s “Lonely” in hopes of satisfying the members at their first solo live performance in Seoul.

To enter the competition, MoA unveiled her face on camera for the first time, and First Aid Kit fans recognized the star, describing her as Johanna Söderberg.

After being recognized, her YouTube channel disappeared. She should have removed the content due to the contract she had signed with her record label.

His covers remain on many YouTube channels, saved by subscribers before the MoA’s YouTube channel was removed. Just last year, several K-Pop fans shared memories of Johanna Söderberg’s K-Pop covers and said it shouldn’t have been easy to shut down her channel because she seemed to like doing the covers and was enthusiastic. on K-Pop.

Johanna hasn’t publicly commented on her K-Pop past, but it seems the capable musician’s love of the style lives on with her collaboration with HyunA.

Check out HyunA’s new single “Nabillera” below!

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