The Turkish composer will release the song “Absolutely Not”

Turkish singer-songwriter and composer Turgay Evren has written a new song called “Absolutely Not” as a tribute to former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Evren took to his Twitter account and said that the promo for the song will be posted on his YouTube account soon. “The teaser demo of our song ‘Absolutely Not’ is with you!… The final version of our song about Imran Khan will be released on my own Youtube channel with a beautiful clip, inshaAllah, Evren said in his Twitter statement.

Netizens expressed their excitement for the release of a new song related to Imran Khan. Social media users say they are looking forward to the song.

“Thank you very much. The teaser sounds great. It shows the song will be b exceptional. It will definitely be a U-tube insha Allah,” said one Twitter user.

Another said: “Amazing sir, already subscribed to your channel, desperately waiting for the full IA song.”

“It’s amazing, thank you for your love and support, respect and love for Pakistan,” one Twitter user said while appreciating Turgay Evren’s efforts.

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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s slogan “absolutely not” became popular after his interview in which he refused to allow Pakistan to be used as a base for US operations in Afghanistan. He was asked if he would give bases to which he replied “absolutely not”.

Her statement immediately gained traction on social media as people started discussing her comments. Imran Khan told interviewer Jonathan Swan that he would “absolutely not” allow the United States to conduct cross-border counterterrorism missions in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan is out of government following the success of the no-confidence motion against him. Since his ouster, Imran Khan has held large public rallies in different cities across Pakistan. He even led a long KPK march in Islamabad calling for immediate elections.

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