Top 10 Country Songs About Summer


Summer, and life is easy“- so goes the old American standard. Since then, those words have been imitated by enough country stars to fill a theme park. Whether they’re opening a cold one, hitting the beach, or just enjoying the sun, country stars clearly know how to have fun in the warmer months.

From songs about popular modes of transportation and the right thing to wear (or not to wear) to tunes praising its frozen drink of choice, The Boot plunges our toes into this cool countdown of the 10 best summer country music songs:

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    “The water”

    Brad Paisley

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “All you really need this time of year is a pair of sunglasses and a cold beer.”

    Aquaphobes (or, in Paisley’s words, “bad guys”) don’t have to fear this H2O-soaked hymn for one of the most essential elements of all. Despite the fact that humans contain over 60% water, there is never enough when it comes to wet and wild summer fun.

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    “Sweet Summer Lovin ‘”

    Dolly parton

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “At the edge of a stream in the countryside, run barefoot and feel free.”

    Rather than spending time at the beach or at a barbecue, Parton and the object of his affection bustle among the dandelions. We don’t know what candy is, but it looks like it’s the thing to serve with a PG-rated summer adventure.

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    “No shoes, no shirt, no problems”

    Kenny Chesney

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “The sun and the sand and a bottomless glass in my hand.”

    Try to enter a half-naked restaurant and you will be asked to leave. But when it’s vacation time, shirtless, barefoot and carefree is the only way to go – if you’re as toned a man as Chesney. Speedo is optional (and, in most cases, not recommended).

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    “Sun and summer”

    Hill of Faith

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “You’ll see rock hard bodies and hotties in bikinis, and everyone’s going to get going.”

    Hill joins the “Barefoot ladies and deceived Mercedes” crowd … but if the straw sombreros and T-top Camaros are more your speed, there is also a parking spot for you. Who wouldn’t want to join in on this Mississippi girl’s good times in the summer sun?

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    “Something like that”

    Tim mcgraw

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “You had a tan line and red lipstick / I worked so hard for that first kiss.”

    Barbecue stained tee aside, a teenager’s chance encounter with a miniskirt hottie on Labor Day feels like an unforgettable end-of-season fantasy. A few years later, those sweet memories of summer are still strong.

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    “Strawberry Wine”

    Deana carter

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “The hot July moon saw it all / My first taste of love, oh, bittersweet.”

    Some summer memories aren’t exactly a day at the beach. Thinking back on the loss of his innocence and remembering a simpler time – “at 30” – Carter remembers very well, as they say in the movies, “that summer when everything changed”. Bitter, indeed.

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    “Drunk on you”

    Luke Bryan

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “And when it gets a little warmer, we’ll go into the water.”

    Intoxicating romance is just what it takes to keep the buzz going all summer long. What if the object of your affection is a little elusive (as seen in Bryan’s dramatic video)? Results can be milder even after the buzz wears off.

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    Zac Brown Band

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “My toes are in the water, a – in the sand / Not a problem in the world, a cold beer in my hand.”

    After leaving Georgia for the warmer weather in Mexico, Brown and his company return north, but take the island with them. Even though it’s all in the imagination, life is good. Hopefully, however, it comes back to more than PBR. By our calculations, he leaves behind beer, rum, Jaegermeister and tequila – not to mention a well-tanned bartender.

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    Small big city

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “Make waves and catch rays on the roof / Jump from behind, don’t act like you don’t want to.”

    Credit for the first pontoon boat goes to Minnesota farmer Ambrose Weeres. Sixty years after its invention, a quartet of country stars made the ship the hottest summer accessory since jet skiing. Thanks to Little Big Town, the word “motorboatin ‘” will once again conjure up only one recreational activity.

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    Alan jackson

    Sun-Soaked lyrics: “By the river on a Friday night / Pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight.”

    A burger and a raisin snow cone isn’t much consolation when it’s obvious what you’re really looking for. But Jackson and his friends still manage to throw a party – and learn a few life lessons – by stacking cans and swapping stories by this muddy Georgia river.

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