Violinist Nigel Kennedy’s son jailed after £15,000 cocaine bust

Sark Kennedy, who lives with his mother – Eve, Nigel’s ex-partner – in Malvern, Worcestershire, was jailed for 33 months after admitting possession with intent to supply cocaine.

A second charge of possession of criminal property was allowed to go on file.

Sentencing him at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday, recorder Martin Butterworth said: “I am prepared to accept that you have had a cocaine addiction since the age of 18. It is abundantly clear that there is a great deal about you that would suggest that you are quite capable of becoming a useful member of society.

“But you have become very significantly involved in a dirty business that is causing serious and real harm to people who use drugs.

“If you understand that or care, I don’t know. Your attempt to present your drug dealing activity in a more favorable light during a probation service interview backfired.

“I had considered whether your attempt to cheat on probation and the court suggested you were a more cynical drug dealer than I am asked to see you.”

The court heard that Kennedy – who in 2016 was attending music technology college to study sound engineering and computer programming – was stopped by police in his Skoda Octavia on June 22 this year in suburban St John’s of Worcester.

Officers found 146g or 389 wraps of cocaine with 59% purity hidden inside the ‘hidden car’ – where Kennedy hid his drugs – with a street value of £15,560.

“He has an atypical career”

His Huawei mobile phone with two SIM cards was also seized, which revealed mass text messages sent to numerous drug addicts.

An expensive Rolex watch and gold chains worth £7,300 were also found on Kennedy.

The court heard police also found Kennedy stuffed 0.4g of ‘cocaine shots’ into the fingers of petrol station gloves which he was selling for £40 each.

One expert described Kennedy’s drug dealing as “middle market level” with the drugs to be handed over to “several street dealers”.

John Cooper QC, defending, told the court: “He [Kennedy] has an unconventional background, an upbringing that could perhaps provide excitement but also, perhaps, a lack of stability.”

“There is enough to work here”

He added: “He claimed that this was a unique case. The Crown indicated during the last hearing, from the documents available to them, that this was certainly not the case. “

Mr Cooper said Kennedy had traveled to Australia and Indonesia drug-free and lived “a law-abiding life” there, adding: “There’s something to work with here in short.”

He said, however, that the trips “brought him closer and closer to individuals who compelled him, inspired him to help them, to work with them and to play the properly defined role in opening “.

Mr Cooper told the court that Kennedy had been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, but added: ‘While in custody he took positive steps to deal with his drug addiction. There is potential here.’

Nigel Kennedy, the so-called punk violinist who went from the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin school in Surrey to playing at Tiffany’s in New York before achieving worldwide fame, said in 2015 that certain drugs, such as cannabis, should be legalized, so “you can choose what you do at home”, adding: “I just do exactly what I want”.

Kennedy once described his son as his “greatest achievement” and wrote a thought piece titled Father and Son about him. But their relationship has been complex and, at times, difficult.

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