Violinist Rakhi Singh shares hypnotic instrumental track Khuda’i

Welsh Indian violinist Rakhi Singh has shared her hypnotic debut single, Khuda’i – the title is taken from the Punjabi for the excavations. It is one of the three titles of his first EP Careerwhich will be released via Bedroom Community on August 27th.

The EP was developed between Singh’s home and an inspiring trip to Bedroom Community founder Valgier’s Greenhouse Studios studio in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Career has many meanings to me,” she reveals of the title. “Firstly, as a physical space I find them powerful and captivating and there are many near my family home in Wales that I always visit back home. The man-made craters in the landscape can be stark but strong with all the striking shapes in the rocks that are the result of human and mechanical grafting. These are places where I feel time in a different way seeing hundreds of thousands of years superimposed on the rock. The creative process feels like diving into an internal quarry to see what will be revealed in the layers of rock formation within me.

These early recordings represent a marker in the sand for Singh, the first steps on a journey of discovery; detached from a score to see what comes out. The triptych is inspired by the dialogue between hope and regret, loss and discovery and his love for his partner Seb Gainsborough (aka electronic composer Vessel).

Singh has firmly established herself as a highly regarded violinist and leader, working for and alongside Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, Björk and guest ensembles such as London Contemporary Orchestra, RLPO, CBSO, Hebrides Ensemble, Sinfonia Cymru.

to listen Khuda’i below.

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