28 Country Songs for Summer 22 in Western New York

Is summer already here?!

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Listen to Clay & Company, every weekday morning on 106.5 WYRK

This is going to be one of the best summers in Western New York. Finally, things open up and get back to normal. Festivals and events return for the first time in years, and after years of not having one, a somewhat “normal” summer may feel like the best we’ve ever had.

One way to make sure your summer starts off on the right foot is…have the best summer playlist.

It seems that even people who solemnly swear that they “don’t like country music”, becoming a country music fan in the summer. It’s the best music to listen to while you Enjoy the sun. (look what I did there?)

Ironically, this song didn’t make the playlist, but check out the top 28 country songs from this summer in Western New York!

28 Best Country Songs for 2022 Buffalo Summer

You’ve voted for your best country songs to kick off summer in Buffalo, and this year, here’s your 28-track playlist!

Looks like Kenny Chesney is the King of Country this summer in Western New York! He had three songs that landed in the playlist, including the #1 country song of the summer, which is Summer time. A perfect piece to start the summer mood.

A song that made not to do list but deserves an honorable mention is country stuff by Walker Hayes. He performed the song with Jake Owen on his album “Country Stuff the Album”, and we had the chance to hear it live at WYRK Toyota Taste of Country 2022. Jake Owen was not with him for this performance, but it’s definitely a catchy track!

If you haven’t heard this song yet, you can hear it below!

I love the ending when it says “You can’t say that on the radio, man.

Did your favorite country song make the list? Otherwise, be sure to add your favorite summer tune to our Facebook page.

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