5 Lauren Alaina Songs We Know You’ll Love

Happy birthday to Lauren Alaina! One of our favorites american idol the competitors are 29 years old today. To celebrate the last year of his 20th birthday, let’s take a moment to admire some of his unknown songs.

1. “Georgia Peaches”

Picking up around 10 years back, “Georgia Peaches” was released in 2011 as the second single from Alaina’s debut album, Wild flower. Hailing from Georgia and a real southern girl herself, Alaina gives a nod to her fellow southerners as she sings “There’s nothing sweeter than us Georgia peaches / There’s a reason the boys choose Georgia peaches.

2. “Barefoot and Buckwild”

Released before his voice surgery in 2014, “Barefoot and Buckwild” was intended to be the lead single from his second album. It’s hard not to feel his zest for life shine through even in his early songs. She sings, “Hands out the window, my toes on the dashboard / Nothing but fields on the wheels, just wet mud / I like the way you drive, like a rebellious child / you make me want to be barefoot and be wild.”

3. “Road less travelled”

This album was Alaina’s second, with the title track “Road Less Traveled” released as the album’s second single in 2016. She described this album as having both fun and sad songs, as a reflection of this what was going on in his life at that time. time. In the single, she sings “You won’t make a name if you follow the rules / History is made when you act like a fool / So don’t hold back and just flaunt it / Show what you got and own it.

4. “Next Boyfriend”

Alaina has a way of connecting with her audience and taking them on their journey through life. In this fun and flirty song, she talks about a new crush that most people can probably relate to at some point in their lives. She sings, “I thought I knew you from somewhere / Just when you walked through the door / So please forgive me for looking at you / It drives me crazy where I’ve seen you before.

5. “Women of the 90s”

As a tribute to female artists and hit songs of the 90s, this single was released in 2018. Anyone raised in 90s music can appreciate all the references Alaina makes throughout this song. “I just wanna feel like ladies in the 90s / Turn the dial and find me some “Strawberry Wine” / So I can sing all night, pretend I’m Britney / Come on baby, hit me again, hey. ”

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