Best Eric Church Songs: 20 Country Essentials

He may be from North Carolina, but the best songs from Eric Church would have you believe he was born and raised in Nashville. The singer-songwriter has always balanced the two elements of this title equally. In an early profile in the New York Times he said, “If you had given me the choice two years ago, I would have been a songwriter instead of a singer,” he said. “I am a craftsperson.”

This attention to craftsmanship has served him well over the years, leading to huge airplay success in Country, countless Billboard chart hits, platinum records, and Grammy nominations. to his name. Working closely with producer Jay Joyce throughout his career, Church has cultivated a rugged sound that contrasts just enough with Nashville orthodoxy to endear him inside and outside the music world. country.

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20: Smoking some smoke

willie nelson is country music’s leading proponent of smoking marijuana, but this direct ode to the plant shows that Eric Church likes it too. Given the subject matter, it’s no surprise to hear the production also take a few liberties along the way.

19: Jason Aldean feat. Luke Bryan and Eric Church – The Only Way I Know

One of Eric Church’s best songs is a collaboration with fellow modern country folks Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. The mid-tempo rocker is a heavy track in which each artist takes turns explaining to listeners how they do things.

18: Kill a word

Written with guitarist Jeff Hyde and Luke Dick, “Kill a Word” features clever lyricism throughout. “If I could kill a word and watch it die / I’d never poison, shoot goodbye / Beat regret when I felt I had the nerve.” But what takes the studio version of this song over the top is the celestial harmonization with frequent collaborator Joanna Cotten.


Taken from his debut album, “How ‘Bout You” was a showmanship single from Church that told listeners what he was all about. Asking lots of questions along the way, it’s clear he had live shows in mind when he wrote this one.

16: Two pink lines

Sung in the time it takes to learn the results of a pregnancy test, the production of “Two Pink Lines” gets things done quickly. But the thing about the song is that it could work just as well (if not better) than a ballad.

15: The world needs a drink

One of Eric Church’s earliest songwriting credits, “The World Needs a Drink” was first recorded in 2006 by Terri Clark, who made the song semi-famous. Over a decade later, Church released his own rendition of the song on the live collection, 61 days at church. Reflecting on his love of songwriting in an interview with the New York TimesChurch revealed: “I had to rewrite [that song] eight or nine times,” even after Clark posted his version.

14: Heart on Fire

“Heart on Fire” contains many references to Eric Church’s favorite music of yesteryear, including Elvis, Guns N’ Roses and Don McLean’s “American Pie”. It’s a raw rocker that’s well-deserved of its place as the opening track on his 2021 triple album, heart soul.

13: As Jesus does

“Like Jesus Does” is a rarity in Eric Church’s discography. It’s one of the few songs he put on an album that he didn’t have a hand in writing. Never mind. Church convincingly takes on the role of narrator, acknowledging that his partner accepts him for who he is.

12: Here Buzz

While many of his country contemporaries were busy celebrating the high (and the high) life, Eric Church was happy to focus on depressed character studies. “Round Here Buzz” is one of his best, featuring a narrator happy to catch a buzz here “since you caught that bug there.”

11: Carolina

The title track from Eric Church’s second album, carolina, is a love letter to his country of origin. The musical accompaniment is understated throughout, letting Church’s voice take center stage, culminating in the heartfelt delivery of the “you keep calling me home” line.

10: Give me back my hometown

An ode to the way things used to be, “Give Me Back My Hometown” sees Eric Church wondering if it’s even possible to go back. With thick production and plenty of wordless “whoooos”, it’s melancholy in all the right ways.

09: Keith Urban feat. Eric Church – Raise Them Up

Some of Eric Church’s best songs are sung with other big male country stars. An example: “Raise ‘Em Up”, a beautiful duet with Keith Urban which has a lush film production propelling its single acoustic guitar.

08: Like a wrecking ball

Taken from Eric Church’s fourth album, The foreigners, “Like a Wrecking Ball” is a low-key country song about sex. Its restrained production is key to its success, leaving more than enough to the imagination.

07: A game

This ode to the short time we have on Earth features some of Church’s finest lyrics, but it’s also backed by unconventional production. The song eventually became one of Church’s biggest hits. desperate man.

06: A view from hell

It’s not everyday you come up with a phrase like “you got the fenders on fire when I smoked my Bronco tires out of this town”. When Casey Beathard and Monty Criswell introduced it to Church, they got to work writing and recording the song the same day. It has since become one of the biggest hits of Soul.

05: Guys like me

One of the biggest hits from his debut album, sinners like me“Guys Like Me” finds Eric Church explaining exactly who he is: “So rough around the edges/It’s hard to believe girls like you/I like guys like me.”

04: Drink from my hand

One of the great newcomers to the huge catalog of country drinking songs, “Drink in My Hand” keeps things simple with lyrics designed to be sung. Unsurprisingly, it reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

03: Record year

A remarkable cut from his fifth studio album, Mr Misunderstood, Eric Church celebrates country music history with “Record Year”. Loaded with references to greats like George Jones, Waylon Jennings and Hank WilliamsChurch even honors people like James Brown and Stevie Wonder as well.

02: Talladega

The best Eric Church songs take a small idea and universalize it, and “Talladega” is no exception. It takes the memory of a trip to the famous circuit and turns it into a larger message about friendship and the limited time we all have together.

01: Springsteen

The most famous song of 2011 Chief, this song was co-written with Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndell. It contains many references to Bruce Springsteen lyrics as Church details a teenage romance. It continues to be one of Church’s most beloved songs.

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