Boba Fett’s songwriter’s book might have found inspiration in a deep, deep cut


The theme song “The Book of Boba Fett” has a different tempo and a smoother production sound, but is similar enough that it was either a direct influence or an inspiration from a third influencing source. as well as “Ronia, the thief’s daughter” (which had Björn Isfält as composer). Göransson’s version turns to a different melody; the overall effect is akin to dressing the peasants of this “Ronia” tavern in the dresses of a space choir and sending them to a galaxy far, far away to sing “Star Wars” songs.

As I noted in an article after the first episode of “The Book of Boba Fett”, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan – who co-wrote “The Empire Strikes Back”, where Fett made his first live appearance – has compared the character to a “bad samurai” or ronin. Whether or not her new theme song is artistic theft is up for debate, but if a new background character named Ronia suddenly appears in Space Ronin’s Disney + series, then we’ll know it’s not just a coincidence. and “Boba Fett’s Theme Book” is a tribute to “Ronia, the Thief’s Daughter”.

“The Boba Fett Book” currently airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney +.


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