Composer helps give individual investors some of the power of a hedge fund

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TL; DR: Starting August 14, you can get your first month of Composer Pro subscription(opens in a new tab) free. (It’s $24 a month after that.)

Elon Musk now says he never suggested people should buy cryptocurrencies. It’s easy for him to tell after the already very combustible crypto market recently started to burn. But after years of tweeting about crypto, including his seemingly personal favorite dogcoinTesla chief now says all that chat was never an endorsement.

The moral of the story is that it’s probably better to trust your own knowledge than the opinions of a billionaire. Composer(opens in a new tab) is a tool that can help you bring your skills to what they need to be for successful investing. There are still no guarantees when it comes to investing (and there never will be), but a seasoned investor will likely beat a newbie every time.

While automated trading for the personal investor was already available, Composer hopes to take the idea forward, designed to deliver the immediacy of hedge fund-style investing on a platform that is meant to be as easy and intuitive for investors as possible. individuals. Composer tries to make it easier for novice investors create their own portfolio strategies(opens in a new tab) in a no-code visual environment, with automatic trading triggered by your own established trading rules.

For those who just got their feet wet, Composer offers dozens of predefined fund strategies called symphonies. Each is composed around themes, like Stocks or Bonds: Ride the Winner, which swings between stocks or bonds based on their returns over the past three months. Or Big Tech Momentum, which invests in the two big tech stocks with the best performance over the past month. With each, users can view a symphony’s return history, begin to understand how it works, and decide if it’s a practical choice for them.

Although buyers can add any of these symphonies to their portfolio, they can also create their own symphonies with the composer editor. Editor is like a garage for investors, designed to let users take apart each symphony and then use coins to build their own strategies. Editor is also supposed to make it easier to put your philosophies to the test, evaluate your investment ideas(opens in a new tab) going back and extrapolating what their performance would have been over the past six months.

And since most people don’t have the time to constantly monitor every investment for perfect buy and sell times, Composer is also designed to automate buying to follow your guidelines like clockwork. You define your buy and sell points based on nuanced metrics such as the standard deviation, maximum drawdown, or relative strength index (RSI) of each investment. Or you can decide on a schedule for buying and selling, and once that threshold is reached, Composer is set up to complete the transaction automatically.

It takes about 90 seconds to sign up and create your own Composer account. Once the account is funded, you can invest in a pre-made symphony or create your own to kick-start your investing journey. Get your first month free, with no code required, on a Composer Pro subscription (usually $24/month).

Prices are subject to change.

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