Internationally Acclaimed ‘Demola the Violinist’ Releases ‘Feel1ngs’ Album

Demola the violinist Feel1ngs

Demola the violinist Feel1ngs

Take a Musical Journey Around the World with the Harmonious Emotions of Demola’s “Feel1ngs” – New Album Live Now

“Feel1ngs” is a masterpiece set that takes you through a series of emotions via the melodies, dynamics and harmonies of the violin – merging popular musical genres. »

— Demola the violinist

HOUSTON, TX, USA, April 5, 2022 / — Feel1ngs by Demola is an original and eclectic violin album that conveys all forms of good feelings through the unique fusion of popular global musical genres. Combining sounds of afrobeats, smooth jazz, R&B, pop, reggaetón and dancehall, the album takes the listener on an intercontinental journey of sound through song.

Released on April 5, 2022 with UK label Track Record Entertainment, this original collection of unique masterpieces ‘Fee1ings’, ‘Poppin’, ‘Myne’, ‘Closer’, ‘Yaba’ and ‘Goldfish’ (highlighted by the James Beard Foundation) by DEMOLA will take you on a melodic emotional journey. From the soothing sounds of melodic romance with “Feelings” to the slew of electric sounds of “Closer”, and the bustling dance hall “bounce vibe” of “Myne”, to the lyrical Afro sounds of “Light Up” – and the emotional sounds from “Poppin” the album is sure to be a favorite on any playlist.

Adored by millions around the world, multi-genre violinist and award-winning artist of international renown, “Demola the violinist” brings his electric personality and musical talent to any festival, concert or event. Fusing the different timbres of afrobeat, jazz, the colorful sounds of reggae and reggaetón, the lively bounce of hip-hop and a host of dynamic pop and R&B tones, Demola will add life and charm to any musical experience. . Demola is the official violinist for many award-winning legendary R&B groups, including Tonytonitoné and Dwayne Wiggins. Based in Houston, Texas Demola travels the world to share his musical talent and has gained a massive following of over 2 million social media followers who turn to his music for inspiration and entertainment.

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