Joe Alwyn is not going to write more songs with GF Taylor Swift

Goodbye William Bowery. Taylor Swift enlisted her boyfriend, Joe Alwynto help him out with some tracks from his 2020 albums, but their collaboration was apparently a one-time thing.

“That’s not my plan, no,” the Prefer star, 31, said She magazine on Tuesday, April 19, when asked if he was interested in writing more songs in the future.

The British actor and his girlfriend, 32, worked together on the songs ‘Exile’ and ‘Betty’ from Folklore as well as “Champagne Problems”, “Coney Island” and the title track of Stillwhich happened in December 2020. On all tracks, Alwyn used the pseudonym William Bowery.

Fans immediately started speculating that “William” was really Swift’s beau when Folklore debuted in July 2020, but the Grammy winner did not confirm the news before releasing the documentary Folklore: the Long Pond studio sessions in November of this year.

“There’s been a lot of talk about William Bowery and his identity, because…he’s not a real person,” the “Lover” singer said during the Disney+ movie. “So William Bowery is Joe.”

The Pennsylvania native went on to note that Alwyn is actually a talented musician and his improvisation inspired “Exile,” which became a duet. “Joe plays the piano beautifully and he’s always playing and inventing and creating things,” Swift explained. “And ‘Exile’ was crazy because Joe wrote that whole piano part.”

When the couple was playing with the track at home, the Mary Queen of Scots the actor sang the part that was ultimately performed by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon on the final version of the album. “He was singing it just like the whole first verse is, ‘the Valentine’s Day the actress recalled. “I was entrenched and asked if we could keep writing that one.”

Despite Alwyn’s writing being a hit with Swift and her fans, the Harriet star is sticking to acting for now. In a separate interview with She United KingdomAlwyn hinted that he still isn’t totally comfortable with all the attention that comes with dating a mega-famous pop star.

“We live in a culture that is increasingly intrusive,” Alwyn told the outlet earlier this month. “The more you give – and frankly, even if you don’t – something will be taken.”

The couple, who have been dating since 2016, have kept their romance private over the years. In November 2020, Swift explained that she likes to keep the relationship a secret because it gives her a sense of comfort.

“I can often, in my anxieties, control how I am as a person and how well I act and rationalize things, but I can’t control if there are 20 photographers out in the bushes and what they do and if they follow our car and if they interrupt our lives,” she told Rolling Stone at the time. “I can’t control if there’s going to be some weird fake headline about us in the news tomorrow.”

Alwyn, she explained, helps her find “pieces of normality” in her otherwise stressful life. “That’s what this song ‘Peace’ is about,” she added of one of the Folklore tracks. “Like, would it be enough if I could never fully achieve the normalcy we both long for?”

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