Landlord fined £1,400 for playing James Blunt songs loud all night

Neighbors said they were abused when they approached the owner about his loud music, which caused them stress, fatigue and anxiety. Now his gear has been seized

The resident made his neighbour’s life a misery by playing loud James Blunt music in his home

A man has been fined £1,400 for making his neighbours’ lives a misery by playing James Blunt songs all night.

Mark Carey, 49, caused stress, fatigue and anxiety to residents around his Plymouth property, a court heard.

Plymouth Magistrates’ Court was also told how neighbors at the property in the Ham area of ​​the town were abused by Carey when they questioned him about the noise.

After several complaints to council, Carey received a community protection notice in October 2020, after ignoring three previous letters warning him of noise pollution.

The notice said he “shall not cause or act in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress” to anyone by causing noise, including playing music.

Carey’s neighbors made audio recordings of music played at ‘unacceptable levels’ in the night

Despite this, the noise continued three times between July 25 and August 4, 2021.

Carey’s neighbors made audio recordings of music playing at “unacceptable levels” in the night.

When environmental health officers reviewed the recordings, the lyrics to Pitbull ft Ke$ha’s ‘Timber’ were clearly audible – and Carey was handed a £100 fixed penalty notice.

He failed to pay the £100 and the noise continued four times until September 4, 2021.

This time, the audio recordings featured Coldplay’s “Fix You,” while Blunt’s 2004 mega-hit “You’re Beautiful” was identifiable multiple times.

As a result, environmental health officers obtained a warrant and seized three televisions, speakers and other music equipment from Carey’s home.

Carey was not in court on Monday when magistrates found him guilty of breaching a community protection notice.

He was fined £660 and ordered to pay costs of £699.70 and a victim fine surcharge of £66.

The magistrates also ordered the final confiscation of the material previously seized.

Councilor John Riley, Cabinet Member for Community Safety at Plymouth City Council, said: ‘Everyone has the right to live quietly in their own home which is why we will not hesitate to take legal action. against people who try to take away this right from their I now hope that the neighbors of the accused will finally have some peace.

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