Music composer D Imman will remarry in May; Know more

The famous music composer D Imman plans to remarry? Do you at least have an idea of ​​who the lady of the hour is? D Imman is a famous music composer in the world of Tamil entertainment. The performer sealed the deal with computer engineer Monicka earlier in April 2008. They have two daughters, Veronica Dorothy Imman and Blessica Kathy Imman. The couple separated in November 2020 and Imman officially declared the separation via her online media in December.

D Imman and Monicka

He said, “To all my supporters and ardent music lovers who have always supported me, I am truly grateful. As life takes us on different paths, Monicka Richard and I have been legally divorced by mutual consent since November 2020 and are no longer husband and wife. I ask all of our supporters, music lovers and media to grant us our privacy and help us move forward and forward. Thank you so much for your understanding, love and support – Dr Imman. He released this statement asking for the support of many music industry fans to move forward in our personal lives.D Imman

Currently, a few reliable sources say that Music Director Imman is currently planning to remarry. It is allegedly announced that Imman will marry Uma from Chennai in the month of May. It was also revealed that this is an adult-arranged marriage. Imman’s house and Uma’s house could have talked to each other and figured this out. We are counting on D Imman himself to make an official announcement soon.

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