REVIEW: 10 bright songs that sound like summer

Summer means a release from your routine, new opportunities and time to relax. Ultimately, summer is what you make it. Whether you’re devoting the season to some well-deserved relaxation or dedicating your newfound free time to working on projects, here are 10 bright songs to listen to this summer.

“August” by Flipturn

Flipturn lead singer Dillon Bass is both gritty and dreamy on this intense indie rock track. As Bass screams lyrics to a sweet love story, the buildup of electric guitar and drums in the background has listeners eager to see what’s next. Bass sings, “But now you’re a stranger / And I’m still July / But don’t you remember? / August, darling, you were mine. Flipturn’s “August” is a sultry, hazy soundtrack for summer.

“The Golden Road” by the Grateful Dead

The 1967 track “The Golden Road” is the quintessential summer song, debuting during America’s “Summer of Love.” Singer Jerry Garcia talks about barefoot hippies, dancing in the sun and summer vacations. The rock track embodies the freedom inaugurated by the summer season.

“Tek It” by Cafuné

The duo behind Cafuné, Noah Yoo and Sedona Schat, deliver a dreamy, airy sound on their track “Tek It.” As Yoo’s spunky guitar riff runs through the track, Schat sings moody, self-tuned lyrics about moving on from someone and giving in to feeling. The cathartic track is appealing not only for its addictive and joyful sound, but also because it captures the feeling of a summer outing – letting go to enjoy all the potential the season brings.

“Silk Chiffon” by MUNA ft. Phoebe Bridgers

Throughout the bright track, the lyrics of MUNA and Phoebe Bridgers paint the picture of a sweet, summery Sapphic relationship. The voice of MUNA’s lead singer, Katie Gavin, is haunting and undeniably likeable. MUNA, whose members have spoken out on LGBTQ representation, offers a delicious queer track to enjoy this Pride month.

“Everybody Wants To Love You” by Japanese Breakfast

Along with a captivating guitar riff and a beautiful backing vocal, Japanese Breakfast vocalist Michelle Zauner sings about excitement, love and desire in this upbeat track. Infectious and absolutely fun, “Everybody Wants to Love You” is a feel-good song that embodies longing in budding relationships – a perfect soundtrack for spending the summer with someone.

“Warm” by Dre’es ft. Mia

R&B and rap track “Warm” is airy, shimmery and (of course) warm. Dre’es and star artist Mia embrace the act of falling in love. On a soft synth, Mia sings, “While we lay in diamonds / On a faraway island in a welsful silence / You and I can, you and I can / Fall in love, fall in love.” The smooth, sweet sound is reminiscent of a relaxing beach getaway and summertime romance.

“Sister Golden Hair” by America

The 1975 American folk rock track “Sister Golden Hair”, written by guitarist Gerry Beckley, sounds like summer. The lyrics paint the image of an idealized and ethereal woman. Beckley is obsessed, “Well, I can’t stop thinking about you, / Sister Golden Hair surprised / And I just can’t live without you, / Can’t you see it in my eyes?” The deceptively depressing lyrics – about desire and commitment anxiety – are hidden beneath the cheery track and vocals.

Binki’s “Seasickness”

Over an addictive guitar riff and drum beat, Binki exudes romance – likening her lover to a sweet orange soda, sunshine and a hot sauna. The rap refrain, “You could be my sunshine even when it’s gray,” is infectious. Optimistic and light, Binki’s track is a staple of the summer playlist.

“Lola” by The Kinks

The Kinks’ 1970 track “Lola” is an upbeat classic. Kinks songwriter Ray Davies wrote the track based on a personal experience in a London nightclub in the 60s. Davies talks about a beautiful transgender woman who captured his attention for the evening . The catchy, nostalgic rock track is a fun, breezy way to celebrate Pride Month and embrace trans visibility.

“Heaven In Drag” door Lo Talker

Lo Talker’s 2021 track “Heaven In Drag” is gorgeous. The indie rock band’s track is quiet and touching. With sweet, mellow lyrics by Andrew Shepard, the acoustic guitar song is a sweet soundtrack perfect for the end of a summer night.

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