This famous instrument from TikTok has the easiest songs for your kids (or you) to learn – now 40% off for Prime Day

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This wooden kalimba will delight the whole family. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale offers deep discounts on everything from home essentials to outdoor gear. Even musical items are on great deals, making this a great time to get creative and buy a new instrument.

Learning a new instrument, even a simple one like the Kalimba, is a great way to practice essential learning skills and sharpen the mind. Research has shown that learning an instrument can help children develop a wide range of important skills, from social skills to memorization and reading. Dealing with fine details like tuning the keys of a Kalimba with a tuning hammer also teaches children patience and responsibility.

Practicing music is also a great way to pass the time or spend a relaxing evening with the family; Imagine yourself and the children all sitting around the living room playing and singing. Different families around the world are doing just that, and they’re sharing simple songs the whole family can learn on TikTok.

The Kalimba is the perfect beginner’s instrument, with simple songs like “Baby Shark” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider” providing a foundation for your child’s new repertoire. It produces soft and delicate sounds, unlike other instruments that will fill the whole house with loud noises. An electric guitar in the bedroom quickly becomes a headache for mom and dad, but the Kalimba sounds like a harp.

Those who have graduated beyond simple songs like “Happy Birthday” can still find a challenge with a simple instrument like the Kalimba. Playing something relaxing but a bit more challenging like “Sound of Silence” is a great way to hone your musical skills and calm your mind after a long day.

Music helps family connect

Sit around the living room and build memories together.  (Source: Amazon)

Sit around the living room and build memories together. (Source: Amazon)

$24.99 $42.99 at Amazon

While streaming shows and games is a great way to spend time with the family, nothing compares to the togetherness you’ll feel playing happy music together. Singing together engages all the senses and brings us into the present, and the beautiful sound of harmonizing handmade wooden Kalimbas will bring a magical ambiance to your living room. UNOKKI makes a Kalimba that has everything you need to play, and its Prime Day markdown means you can get one for everyone in the family. You and the kids will bond through your newfound musical talent and learn how to care for such a beautiful instrument.

This fall, as the temperatures begin to drop and we prepare for winter, it’s the perfect time to expand the range of indoor activities available for the family. A weekly jam session will help you stay connected with your kids, and it’s more mind-boosting than TV. Providing instruments for the whole family doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a new set of Kalimbas and some simple bongos, you’ll be making music in no time.

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