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“It was a rewarding experience playing Hanson’s music in Hanson’s hometown,” Watkins said the next day.

The musician performed several pieces written by Hanson, including a recently discovered manuscript that has not been played in public since 1920, on a grand piano that was brought in just for the concert.

Watkins arranged for piano maker Kawai America Corporation to supply the piano, with help from Schmitt Music of Omaha.

Three branches of the Hanson family tree were represented at the concert, according to Lisa Brichacek, vice president of the Saunders County Historical Society and a member of the committee that organized the birthdays.

Howard B. Hanson of Cedar Bluffs, a parent with the same first and last name, was there to hear his parent’s music. He is related to Howard Hanson through his grandfather, Fritz Hanson, who was the composer’s cousin.

Howard B. Hanson brought records made by Howard Hanson to the concert. When the music was over, he showed them to Watkins and his wife, Marguerite Richardson.

Mark and John Sutton, both from Wahoo, were also at the concert. They are related to Hanson through their grandfather, AW Hanson, who was a first cousin of Hanson. Sharon Hinds from Fremont was also present. His grandmother, Selma Hanson Gustafson, was Hanson’s first cousin.


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